In many ways, I am still in the same headspace at the end of this year as I was at the beginning. This is a headspace of wondering and questioning. It’s not a bad thing, rather I think it is a healthy exercise in checking my own self against what God is wanting me to see and know. For me, the story of this year is not the grand blessings that God showered upon us, and how we are ending this year differently than we entered it. The real story is what God has done in my wife and I. We have matured in our faith in real ways. So, as we look towards this next year, there are a couple of things personally that we are looking forward to discovering.

Number 1, what are the dreams that God has for us, and the dreams that He will give us? Dreams are so important. For a long time, because I was so broken, I did not dream, and therefore my family also ceased to dream. I desire to be a dreamer again, and I know that God desires the same thing. Not just ordinary dreams, but BIG, GRANDIOSE, MIND-BLOWING DREAMS that can only be fulfilled by God. I feel God saying to His people that the time to dream has come again. Don’t be afraid. Dream.

Number 2, we are believing that this will be the year when we finally begin to see parts of God’s ministry within us coming to reality. This won’t be a year of stagnation. We believe that God is going to show us where we fit, and how we fit into His grand plans for our area and beyond. He is going to stretch us, and I really believe that the ways that He uses us will frighten and astound us, not that we are any more special than anyone else, but it feels like the time is coming. We know a very small piece of God’s design for us. More is coming. I believe this for so many people. The evidence is there that so many of you are right on the precipice of something great. As we are believing for our own lives, we are also believing for yours.

No resolutions for me. I’m not going to try to lose weight. I’m just going to commit to working out regularly. My real focus this year is on my spirit and my heart. It’s time to live again. This year is going to be so great. Dream. Be prepared for His instruction. Then let’s do it! You all be blessed, cause we are going to bed. We’ll say “wassup” to 2014 tomorrow morning. lol!!

Happy New Year! God’s Kingdom come, and His will be done in 2014.