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Living in the Zone: Who is First?

The foundation of putting God first is integral to our being able to move forward in blessing, and when we do place Him first, it sets off a chain reaction of His Spirit moving in our lives.

We can say that we place God first, but our actions will really tell the tale.

1 kings 17:8-14- this is the story of Elijah and the widowed woman. God told him to go to Zaraphath. When he got there, he asked for bread and water. The widow responded that she didn’t have them, but only a little flour and oil. She was actually about to prepare her last meal for herself and her son, and then they were going to die. Elijah told her to first make him a cake, then make one for her and her son. He then prophesied that her flour and oil shall not be used up until the drought ends.

This sounds crazy, but the best time to give to God is during a time of uncertainty. The fact is that everything around us is uncertain. The things that really matter are found in God, so we have to trust God to provide. We have to know that God is our provider.

This story is not about God sending Elijah to be fed. God didn’t need this woman to feed Elijah. God had fed him by ravens and angels. God could have fed Elijah through any means. What was really happening was that God was trying to set the widow up for a miracle that she could never have seen coming. He wanted to bless her, but first He had to test her.

Many times, God wants to do a miracle, but we never put ourselves in a position to receive it. The immature Christian says bless me first, then I will give. The mature Christian says that I will give to you first, then the blessings will come.

Gen. 4;2-7- the story of Cain and Abel. Cain presented some of his crops. Abel presented the best of his firstborn labs from his flock. God accepted Abel’s sacrifice, but not Cain’s. God told him that sin is crouching at the door of his heart, and that he must subdue it.

1. The heart of Cain- Jude 11- woe to them for they have gone to the way of Cain….they have run greedily…and perished in rebellion.

Cain was greedy and rebellious. He didn’t want to do it Gods way. When we don’t give God our first and best, we are operating in greed and rebellion. The blessing comes by honoring God to the fullest extent. We can’t live as if we make up our own rules and make up our own salvation. We also have to stop blaming others for our problems. We have to take responsibility for our mistakes.

Prov 19:3- people ruin their lives by their own foolishness, and then they are angry with The Lord.

Prov 3:9-10- honor The Lord with your possessions, and with the first fruits of all your increases; so your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow with new wine.

Ex 23:19- the first of your first fruits of your land you shall bring into the house of The Lord your God.

He wants the first ad best of everything we have.

2. The heart of Abel- Heb. 11:4- by faith, Abel brought a more acceptable sacrifice to God…though he is long dead, Abel still speaks to us by his example of faith.

God deserves the first. In EVERYTHING!

Josh 6:19- but all the silver and gold, and vessels of bronze and iron, are consecrated to The Lord; they shall come into the treasury of The Lord.

Gen 22- God asked Abraham to give up his first and only son with Sarah.

Matt 6:33- seek first the Kingdom of God……and all these things will be added to you.

1 Cor 15:20- Christ is called the first fruit

Why does God care about the first fruits? God gave us HIS first fruit. He sent Jesus to us. God gave his best, thus He expects ours in return.

First fruits?- our first words every day, the first music we play in the morning, the first thing we read,

Feelings? Blah blah

It’s crazy how over the course of a week, emotions can completely change one’s perspective on life outlook. When the Bible says that the heart is deceitful, the truth inherent in that is just mind blowing. It was a crazy week. It started out with a job interview that went beautifully, but had an undertone of uncertainty. From there, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to our youth group at church. That was the highlight of the week by a long shot. God spoke to them and me. And trust me, if you’ve never worshipped with your church youth group, you should. It challenges your faith and pushes you to really go deeper. The week ended with another job interview. The night before, perhaps full of faith, I believed that there was change in the air; that something was bout to happen that was going to alter our future. I really believed that. Also, in the hour before my interview on Friday, I was able to just really spend some quality time worshipping God. His presence was there, and I knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Well, this interview was a disaster, the hardest one that I have had in my life. I knew that it was a bomb, and by the end, my spirits were so down that I felt like I limped out of the room.

The overriding question in my head was “How?” How did things go so wrong in that interview? Why would they? Those questions haunted me. Then once my emotions mixed into the soup, I was almost a goner. It felt like they were trying to erase everything good that had happened in that week. The heart is deceitful. My sadness and anger over that botched interview was just bad. Plain bad.

This is where faith comes in though, because it all centers around whether I believe that God will have me in a classroom next school year. Do I still believe that God knows what’s best? Do I still believe that God holds my world, my future, my successes, my failures, in the palm of His hands? Well, if the answer is yes, then I have to disregard every negative sensation, emotion, and anything else that my “reality” is telling me, and focus in on the truth. And in this case, the truth lies in those questions that I just asked bit ago. Yes, I believe that God wants me in the classroom next school year. Yes, I believe that God knows what’s best. Yes, I believe that God holds my world in the palm of His hand. And yes, the life changing element that I sensed in my spirit on Thursday night? I still believe that it was from God. Something good is coming. It will change our present and our future. It will benefit us and others as we are put in a position to give to others. I still believe. And even as my feelings are still hurt and raw, and portend that I’ve killed any shot that I had, my spirit knows better. Emotions are all over the place. Truths are rooted.

And for once, I am riding with what my spirit is telling me, because I know that it is connected to the Spirit of God. Greater is coming, because greatness is in my DNA.

Until next time, be blessed.

The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised: A Christian Uprising

Gil Scott Heron penned one of the most famous urban poems ever when he wrote “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised“. To this day, it speaks of power and promise, hope and an honest evaluation of where we fall on the spectrum of social responsibility and personal integrity. This poem came to me as I was thinking about Christianity, our youth, the Church, and other things. I hope you feel where I’m coming from.

The revolution will not be televised,

But broadcast live across billions of seeking lives

Tired of seeking lies, their cries rise..

Surprised that the message that was told

Is still being told.

That same Gospel started back in the days of old,

Made new, fresh in our views, this Jesus, this King

The one whose very presence causes angels to sing

Let the praises ring, let the reverb resound

Let all honor be unto Him who is worthy of renown.

Now let Him be found, you seekers seeking the truth,

Time to eat the meat, you be done with baby juice

Apples and oranges? Try Acts and Roman letters

Organic, good for your stomach, your growth will be better.

Sending soldiers into the schools where the system tries to bar Him,

Needing Him more and more,

For only He can even tame men.

Students on a mission, fishing, fighting this sin epidemic

So many lives sick, kids suffering from poor treatment.

Starting a movement, moving in on the abused,

Doing the work of Jesus, proving Him of ultimate use.

The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.



The revolution will not be televised, but

It’s impact still felt along fault lines,

And faulty doctrines, works without faith,

And hurting lives cast aside, and those just along for the ride..

And those with fire insurance without reading the full Policy..

Those apostics and wanna be Apostles in title only,

Christians who’ve ceased in Christ, now minus and kinda nameless

When that day comes, these lives will be stressed.

We delve into the mess, we pull em from the back alleys

Side streets don’t scare us, we never make a fuss,

Cause our dirt and our stains, washed away by one name

Nailed to the Cross for shame, but with victory He was raised.

Blood stained, water rained, He reigned, reigns and still,

Though sometimes a bitter bill, by His stripes I’m still healed.

Regardless of what I feel, this one truth remains..

The revolution will not be televised,

But cast wide on dark skies,

The clarity will be humbling.

As in on the white horse He rides,

Each and every stride calling forth more to rise..

Lifted high into glory, with the Son to reside.

The revolution will not be televised.

Forget what you’ve heard, this movement begins in the heart

That accepts the Savior’s birth.

The revolution will not be televised.

Easter wasn’t the end,

Just a means to and end where Christ could call us His friend.

The revolution will not be televised.

The stone was rolled away,

Therefore there’s no excuse for us to not live victory today.

The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised…..

But it’s happening everyday, all across the globe

Souls soul out for Christ, more precious than gold.

The One that prophets foretold

Causing the meek to be bold

Casting down the works of darkness,

His Spirit manifesting in lessons of His omnipotence.

The revolution of the Revolutionary

It will not be televised.

The revolution is being LIVED.


Living in the Zone: Do I Pass the Test

Acts 20:35- …….it is more blessed to give than receive. (Those who give are so much more happy than those who receive)

When you give, you begin to walk in a new spirit of joy! When we do not give, we become selfish and invite a selfish spirit to consume us. We become depressed. We lose sight of what God has done and is doing.

Luke 19:8- zack stood before The Lord and said “I will give half my wealth to the poor, Lord, and if I have cheated people on their taxes, I will give them back 4 times as much.”

When God is working in our lives, we desire to give.

1. Giving is the action verb of the Bible. The entire Bible is based on love proven by giving. God has given us everything and expects us to return everything. When we don’t give 100%, we get out of whack.

Matt 6:19-21- don’t lay for yourselves treasure on earth. They are only temporary me decay. Lay them up in heaven. For where your treasure is, there your heart also resides.

Malachi 3:6-12- for I am The Lord, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed, o sons of Jacob. Yet from the days of your fathers, you have gone away from my ordinances and have not kept them, return to me, and I will return to you.” Says The Lord of Hosts. “But you have said I. What way should we return? I’m what way have we robbed you, you ask? In tithes and offering. …..test me now in this,” says The Lord. “If I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing that there will not be room to receive it.”

Basically, if we don’t pay our tithes and offering then we are living under a curse. Furthermore, tithing is still relevant. As God doesn’t change, neither do His statutes. Just because we are under grace changes nothing. It just means that our sins are covered by grace.

1. Tithing is a test.

2. It is a principal fostered before the law, during the law, and after the law.

3. Tithing is a biblical thing:
Gen 14:19-20- and he gave him a tithe of all- 500 years before the law was established
Gen 28:22- I will surely give a tenth to you
Lev. 27:30- all the tithe…is the Lords.
Matt 23:23….. You should tithe, yes…..
Heb 7:8 – here mortal me receive tithes, but there, He receives them, of whom it is witnessed that He lives.

When I tithe, it not only supports the local church, but Jesus receives them as we’ll.

4. Tithing is a blessing

2 Chronicles 31:4-5, 10 -the Israelites has gotten away from tithing, but then returned. When they began again, their harvest was blessed. They had enough and plenty left over.

We can do a lot more with 90% that is blessed than 100% that is cursed. What we give will be given back to us in an even greater abundance.

Easter Profiles

I am Judas. I have no doubt about that. In some ways, at some point, we all have been. We’ve accepted Christ and been so sure of Him and our place in Him. We placed our faith in Him. We’ve called ourselves sold out to His cause, yet still in the backs of our minds, there lingered some kind of doubts. Maybe in the beginning they were easy to dispel, because out passion at being a “new creation” overwhelmed any opposing thoughts. As time goes on, the incessant drums of those same doubts goes from a whimper, to a blaring accusation. It doesn’t matter what triggered it. We will never truly know what caused Judas to do what he did. I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t think that Judas was a monster. I don’t think that he was an evil man who set out from the beginning to plot Jesus’ downfall. I think Judas was us and we are him. Satan caught him where the chink in his armor was most pronounced, most visible. From there, it was all downhill. And I identify with Judas, not sympathetically, but more with empathy. I have no doubt that he loved Jesus, and felt like he was doing the best thing. Maybe he felt like Jesus had become delusional talking about being resurrected from the dead. Maybe he felt like he had to save Jesus from himself. Maybe he didn’t know that they would actually kill Jesus, but rather imprison him. Either way, he made the decision to run contrary to the message that Jesus had taught. I am Judas, because I have often made that same decision, thinking that I knew something that Jesus may not know; that in my “wisdom”, I knew the best outcome and how to make it become so. In the end, Judas was so overcome with his guilt and shame, he felt like he could never face his friend again. I can imagine his overwhelming sense of loss and pain. He had reached a point of no return. It was over. The fact is, however, that Jesus would have forgiven him and loved him the same. Thus, it is the same with us. When we sin against our God and choose our own way, regardless of the reason, we must resist the urge to wallow in our doubts and guilt and shame. Jesus is ready and able to receive us back again. So while we may be Judas, He is still Jesus!

I am Pilate. Again, no doubt about that one either. In some ways, at some point, we all have been. Placed in a seemingly hopeless position before your peers. Forced to take a stand, make a decision that would have ripple effects. Making the wrong decision to appease the masses, even when your heart tells you that you just made a huge mistake. Trying to wash your hands of the eventual disastrous outcome, when the blood continues to drip from your outstretched hands. Pilate is truly a sympathetic figure. He couldn’t win either way he chose. The masses might have had him killed if he had released Jesus. The pressures of power and responsibility. This makes me think of our politicians and governments. On a daily basis, I’m 100% sure that those who really claim to be followers of Christ are confronted with legislation that puts them between the proverbial rock and a hard place. When given a platform of influence, the noise gets loud. The crowd chanting becomes overwhelming. All of the voices shouting at one time can drown out the still voice of God. We all have been Pilate, and sometimes still are. Yet even in those times of confusion, God has given us the ability to drown out the noise and focus. There is a caveat here though. In order to hear Him, we have to know Him. Unfortunately, Pilate only knew Jesus through the public view, not through a personal connection.

I am Peter. No doubt. Plain and simple. Seeing and not truly seeing. Speaking often before I think. Following up a moment of divine clarity with a moment of insanely human fallacy. Yet, I love my God. As foolish as I am at times, and as much as my faith fluctuates, I love my God. Yet, in a moment of fear and weakness, I’ve denied my God. Regardless of the reasons and circumstances involved, in that moment, either in thought or deed, I did not reflect appropriately as a follower of Christ. And it’s a horrible feeling. Some of you may know it well. Peter’s life is almost a movie of many of ours. We start out before Christ, simply living our lives according to traditions, either established or otherwise. We meet Jesus and He calls us to drop our nets, our plans, dreams, and desires- to follow Him. We eagerly accept, excited about the newness. We walk with Jesus, talk with Him, commune with Him at every turn. We watch as he changes us and things around us. We grow to love Him. He calls us to more, in Peter’s case, to walk on water. We start strong, lose focus, and falter. He catches us and restores us to good footing. We then encounter the stressful time that Jesus told us was coming, but we didn’t quite take Him at His word. We break under the emotional or physical strain of it all and find ourselves apart from Christ, wondering how we ended up where we are. We run and hide, ashamed and despairing. See, Peter loved Jesus intensely. The argument could be made that he loved Him more than the others. He was certainly out front and up front with his affection. Looking over his life, however, Peter faltered in the big moments. And that same weakness or tendency, took over again when he was questioned to being one of Jesus’ followers. We all have chinks in our armor. What we see in Peter’s life is what can happen when we don’t stop to get our armor repaired. Yet, there is something else to see in Peter’s life that we’ll look at in just a bit.

I am the thief/ robber hanging at Jesus’ side. Both of them. To me they represent one person, one society with two starkly different voices. On one side, the argument rages within that Jesus is not who He says that He is. He’s merely a man. A teacher. A rabbi, but not the Messiah. A prophet perhaps, maybe even a great one, but nothing more. For that reason, this side mocks Him and taunts Him, paying no attention to the fact that they are hanging at his side, enduring the same torment that Jesus is enduring, but when death comes, it is final. They take pleasure in mocking Jesus to blind themselves to their own futile reality, or to somehow numb their own pain and despair. They are hanging. They are dying a slow, painful death. On the other side, there are the eyes have been opened to the truth. They see Jesus in all of His glory, and even in his ragged state, they see a light within Him that makes them forget about my own wretched condition. Furthermore, the knowledge that Jesus has given them entrance to dwell with Him forever far overrides their own present suffering and pain. They now see death as a welcome respite, because all that is within them just wants to be with Jesus. Knowing that my sins have been forgiven lets me smile through it all. I know who Jesus is. I have received that revelation, and by it, my soul has been satisfied. Two thieves, two views. I was once one, but now I am the latter.

Finally, I CAN be Peter. I WANT to be Peter. Jesus died that I might be Peter. Spirit filled. No longer bound by fear. No longer consumed by what others may think of me, but totally consumed by the fire of His Spirit. Obsessed with His message and focused on getting it out to as many as He would expose me to. Not content to merely be a Christian, but intent on establishing His Kingdom with every breath in my body, until He comes again to sit on the throne. Unconcerned with being called Apostle, just honored that Christ would choose me fro his service. See, all of these profiles today lead to the same thing. Jesus died so that Judas would not have to take His own life. He died so that Pilate might be willing to take a stand for Him even in hopeless circumstances. He died for the thief who accepted Him and the one who had a chance to, but didn’t. He died so that Peter would not be chained to worldly concerns, but live with abandon for a far greater cause. I can imagine Jesus watching Peter preach to the masses at Pentecost, and cry tears of joy, knowing that His sacrifice was having its intended effect. The one who had denied him was now claiming Him before thousands, if not millions, and was birthing the church. The one who had been so defeated, a microcosm of human existence, was now standing in victory and proclaiming the truth and relevancy of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

This is the promise of Easter- that no matter where you are in your life, no matter what failings you have endured, no matter if you’re a backsliding Christian, a secret Saint, or a hedonist, there is room in Christ for you. He died for you, for us. All of Us. This is the promise of Easter, and if we are willing to look past ourselves towards the Cross, we will see that every ounce of pain and misery that Jesus endured was purposed. It was for our redemption, restoration, and reconciliation. It was all for love.

I hope my rambling and thoughts haven’t bored any of you to death. I had a thought this morning and just went with it. Enjoy your Easter, and remember why we celebrate.

HE IS RISEN!!!!! So we rise!

A Wonderful Change

I remember watching “The Passion of the Christ” when it came out on DVD. My wife and I didn’t want to go and see it when it was in theatres, so I purchased it after it was finally released. As we half watched- half bawled through it, something happened on the inside of me. It was something so powerful that the next day at work, I passed out tracts like they were going out of style! In this job, most people pretty much knew that I was a Christian, but I had never shared my faith. So, as I passed out these tracts and left them on people’s stations, I got many curious looks. But in my heart, I felt a stirring that people needed to know this Savior who endured hellish kinds of torments for our sins. I was changed! I was on fire! I was mistaken, because after that day, I never passed out another tract in that job. I never witnessed again in that job. The change didn’t stick. I have never really thought about it that much until lately. It got me started thinking about why that change didn’t stick. I mean, I knew God was doing something powerful in my life as I watched the rendering of Jesus being murdered, but the change did not stick! what does it take for the change to stick? When does change become real change?

I think that firstly I allowed my change to come via emotional pursuits. I mean, who can watch that movie without their emotions really getting the best of them? Through tears and much internal wrestling, I somehow made the decision to pass out tracts. This happens every Sunday. We get together and have emotional meetings with God. We cry, we fall to our knees, we snot and sniff, we dance and laugh; but then we leave and the emotion ceases. Why? We serve a God from whom all emotions were created, and all emotions understood. But why can we not serve God out of our emotions? The heart is described as a deceitful thing. Our emotions are all messed up. That explains why all at once we can “feel” like God is with us, and then feel completely abandoned by Him. Our emotions can tell us truth, but many times, they can also tell us lies. If this was not true, how else do we explain half of the stuff that we deal with internally? Being emotionally lead causes us to misinterpret what God is actually trying to do. So when we seek God and seek to serve Him only out of an obligation to what we are feeling, then we risk missing the mark.

So how should we experience God? How do we experience change that lasts? It comes down to being willing to accept truth. I believe that God has created each of us with a propensity towards truth. We internally recognize it when we are confronted by it. Whether or not we act on it or believe it is a different story, but we know truth. And when we experience God from an avenue of accepting His truth, believing His word as truth, and then acting on that truth, we are changed in a way that can be lifetime lasting. Yes, there will be emotion. We can’t eliminate it. I mean, I cry every time we have worship, and every time I praise God tears freely flow. I’m probably the BIGGEST God cry-baby that there is at times, but my tears come from a place of knowing who He is, and what my history has been with Him. It is emotion born out of knowing and accepting the truth. It was Jesus who said that the truth would make us free. I believe that this freedom allows us to be lead to Christ hungrily and thirsting after what He freely offers. And once we taste just a bit of His freedom, our emotions will worship Him as truthfully and honestly, as our hearts do. He truly becomes the source of our emotions, rather than something that our emotions can sometimes push back against.

The truth of the Cross of Christ is that it changes us. It washes us. It frees us. The truth of the Cross of Christ is that it is horrific, brutal, and hellish. The truth of the Cross of Christ is that if we believe in it, and Christ’s resurrection, we become changed into a new creation. Whether that registers with any emotion matters not. It’s the truth. And when we begin trusting in the truth that is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, we will begin to be changed, and we will begin to see our world changed as never before. We must be renewed by our minds first, before we can be transformed in our lives.

On last Monday night, I watched the conclusion of the “Bible” series on History. My eyes welled up with tears as I watched another rendering of Jesus being crucified. This time, however, I pushed the tears back down. As I watched with clear eyes my savior dying, I saw a beauty there that I had never registered before. I saw love that had never completely registered before. And when they showed the empty tomb, I felt exhilaration that may not have registered in a smile, but my spirit and soul leapt within me. This is the God we serve. This is the Christ that we pursue. This is the Holy Spirit that we are lead by.

Until next time, family, be blessed.


A Place For Everything and Everything in It’s Place

I sometimes get to frustrated with myself, and my capacity to be what God means for me to be. Then i realize that I’m trying to become someone on my own strength, and have to repent and laugh at my own stupidity. I’m coming around though, but sometimes I feel the cold, slender tendrils of jealousy wrapping their hands around my neck.

Lord, where is my vision? where is the plan? Why do I keep hitting this roadblock? When do i step into what You have for me? Lord, You called me. Why don’t I feel equipped? Why am I not being used? Why am I such a failure? Look at them over there, working and serving away. Why not me? why not now?

If I’m right, you’ve had those same questions and conversations with God. As far as I can tell, there is nothing wrong with getting those initial feelings and thoughts out in the open. God knows them anyway, so why not vocalize them to the only One who can understand where they come from? While I believe in having a support system to help us wade through our issues, I also believe in the peace of venting to God, giving voice to my anger, sadness, despair. But, I also believe in the danger of comparisons. That is where I am right now in life.

Seemingly all around me, I can see signs of progress. I can see signs of God working mightily through those who are much younger than I am, older than I am, and the same age that I am. When I allow myself to be taken in by the natural aspects of what i see, then jealousy manifests. But when I focus on the spiritual ramification, when I understand that there is much work that God is doing behind the scenes to produce such work into the open world, I am more in awe of how creative God is in His workings in our lives. As I grow older, I understand how deadly comparisons are in our lives. for years, I have compared myself to everyone in sight; trying to find ways to snatch what someone else has, so that I can see the same results in my own life. Now almost 33 years old, I can see that whoever I am, be it full measure or only partial, is only a result of what God has done through me to this point. The workings of grace and mercy in my life are such that God shows me that He has no favorites. I think that it takes us a long time to really internalize that. Sometimes we think that God shows more favor to the Pastor


My thinking takes a turn right here.

Comparing yourself to someone else is futile. Comparing your ministry to someone else is futile. Comparing God’s work in your life versus someone else is futile. Comparing is insulting to the Holy Spirit. We see in 1 Corinthians that all gifting are given by the Spirit as He pleases. Just because you perceive someone else as being higher or deeper in God than you are, deosn’t make it true. I am learning that where God is concerned, the hierarchy is the Godhead, then us in a straight line. I would venture to say that not one of us is any more important than the other. While there are some who have made global impacts, who have started whole movements or expounded upon great dispensations of the Spirit over the years, there are even more who have propped them up by giving time, sweat, prayers, tears, etc, to ensure that the public display might be seen.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is this- you have a place. Instead of spending so much time questioning God, why not trust that where you are and what you are doing is bringing Him glory, which is all that we can ask for. When we seek to glorify God and lift Him higher, He draws all men and women unto Himself. honestly, it’s not easy to feel good in your own skin. For some it might be, but for others like me, it’s a daily, constant, gut wrenching battle. My only advice would be to strive every day to see yourself through God’s eyes.

In truth, God has you where He has you for some reason. Even if your situation is dire, you’re on the verge of giving completely up, and you could care less what anybody else thinks of you, there is a purpose in it. There is vision in it. There is ministry in it. There is gifting at work through it. There is a purpose. There is a purpose. There is a purpose. THERE IS A PURPOSE!

A purpose that is only meant for you to accomplish. Someone else might be working mightily for God in a very public way, but instead of comparing yourself to them, work with them, support them. Pray for them, because nine times out of ten, they are struggling with God’s calling on them as much as you are. The beauty of God’s Kingdom is that just they need you, you will need them. People are raised in due time to be a blessing for others whom God calls.

Stop comparing. Start living. Then you will see the results God desires.

*Disclaimer: this post is very disjointed. It is because my thoughts on this are also disjointed. as I said, I fight with myself daily on this, more than any other thing. Glory be to God that He has given me grace to blog, because I sense that there are more out there who need to feel peace about who they are in Christ, and where they are headed. So, be blessed.*