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Urban Psalm II

I’m realizing more and more that I’m inadequate man,
And capable on my own of just inadequate plans.
I understand my limitations, just an average man,
But one called and chosen by the Father of man.
The fact remains that nothing produced by my own two hands
Can hold a candle to the deeds of Him who eternally stands.
So when I trust in my own strength and sink like built on quicksand,
I know my God hears my cry and He will come heal my land.
Man, my humanity is tricky, Peter said I’m a pilgrim
Apart from Christ, my life is rife with sin, my light is real dim,
But when I look off in the horizon and the cross beckons me,
I feel the power of Christ enhancing plain ole, average me.
So while I’m still no superman, I’m feeing just super man
For greater is He who’s within than any outside, man.
And by His blood I’m washed white, when once I wore pure red,
Now I’m reppin for my God,
The One who sits at the head.

Urban Psalm

God, please, just tell me when the pain ends.
When my lust for fame ends
When I expend all my ends,
And become, to you, a real friend?
I know that I can’t make amends
For living a life rife with sin,
But tell me when this new life is supposed to begin?
All I see is heartache,
Disappointed daily by the lack of progress happening
As people race clear by me,
Parts of me fall off and die.
I cry and I scream.
Wondering if by purify,
This anguish is what you mean.
There seems to be a disconnect,
Where does your favor intersect?
I’m starving for a change,
Wondering what shame is coming next!
Can’t provide a life for fam,
Feeling like I’m on the lam,
And even my reflection in the mirror is a sham.

But hold up,
Something within me feels a new day dawning.
Awaken my soul, get up!
No yawning!
You tell me, ” Free yourself from the chains that’ve been harming
I took the keys, broke the curse
Saved the universe!
I took your curse and made it blessed.
Dude, you can’t forget!
I started this work in you,
And I ain’t close to finished yet!
Dust yourself off, don’t quit, keep climbing
Keep fighting, and I’ll keep reminding.
You are the son of Mine, it’s time to start your rising…
And when you see My finished work,
Prayer is the key, but faith moves the lock to’ open’.
I know you’re broken, but you can’t stop hoping.
This life is hard, but dude, you’re still chosen.
Spring is coming, a new season with nothing frozen.”

It’s hard to fathom that You’ve planned my life from day one. .
And I accept Your Son,
And He will be my only one.
Lord, keep me focused on the prize You’ve set before me.
And I’ll adore Thee,
And place Your will before me.