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Quick Reflection

I’m proud to say that I have friends. Friendship is important, and I’ve not been good about having friends over the totality of my life thus far. I can say with great pride and sincerity that I have friends who have faith in God, friends who inspire me with their faith and willingness to be the church instead of merely going to church.  The Bible talks often about how important it is to have those in your life who sharpen you and push you to be a better Christian in your personal life and also out in the world. I’m blessed to say that I now have this. I often laugh about how my social circle consists only of those whom I go to church with. That’s not such a bad thing.

Since we have moved to Missouri, the friends that we have made have cared for us continually. I’ve made no pretense about our financial struggles, but we have friends who have helped us along the way. And for that, I thank God. Right now, I’m thinking about a particular family of friends, and I will tell you about what God is doing in their lives. I hope they don’t mind reading this blog about themselves. Lol.

This family has blessed us this school year. Tremendously. When we were looking for childcare, they stepped in and agreed to keep our youngest in our home. When we lost our car, rather than have me quit my job right away, they have allowed us to use their vehicle for me to get back and forth to work. As we have not been able to pay often for the childcare, they have been gracious over and over again. They have given to us more than anyone can reasonably expect in a lifetime. They have been our angels.

On Monday, I was posting in my life group Face Book page about trusting God; about how easy we find it to trust imperfect human beings rather than completely trust a God with a proven track record over the history of the world.  When I got home that afternoon, this family told me that God was leading them away from watching our boys.  Now, for a little back- story, then I will tell you why I even mention this.

This family has been called by God to move to Brazil at the end of this year. Not for a mission trip, but for a missional life. They will be selling all of their materials and moving, relocating internationally, to do the work of God. How tremendous is this? I am continually in awe of them. My wife and I pray for them often, because sometimes I can see glimpses of what God is preparing them for.  They are going there to do the will of God in that area, whatever that may be. They have abandoned themselves to God, and as a result, God is shaking up the foundations of their lives in such a perfect way. I can see how God has been preparing them for this over the last few years, probably even longer. I can’t put into words how excited I am for them; how their complete trust in God is spurring them to such a radical, faith-based move. It is inspiring to say the least. All I know is that God will be speaking to them, giving them more specific instructions, but He will also be testing their dedication. Please join me in praying for them. No names are needed. God knows who they are.

Now, back to Monday. When I was told that they could no longer watch our children, my heart didn’t sink. Sure, I thought about what we were going to do about childcare, not being able to really pay anyone. But moreover, my thoughts were on the fact of how cool it is to hear God, and then be obedient. As they told me, I began to thank God for them, and pray in my heart that God would have His way to such an extent in their lives that people around them would be altered even before they depart from the States. Sure, my own worry did come later as I pondered possible solutions to everything, but if they can trust God with a life-altering move, surely God can handle our little things. I’m so proud of them, and so happy that God has put them in our lives. They are our family in every sense of the word. So see, this is not about what we lose. It’s about what Brazil will be gaining. The answer in short, is that God is blessing the people of Brazil.

So, in case you all happen to read this, we love you in the most sincere way that we can manage. It is our prayer that you see God in even the most minute, remote ways. I pray that God’s voice will fill your hearts and your entire beings. I pray that His methods astound you and leave you continually in awe of His greatness. Your destinies in Brazil have already been written, and as much as you desire to go there to serve, be prepared to be ministered to in ways that you have not even considered yet. Be strong in the Lord and in His power. Though your faith will be tested, I pray that your resolve will be made even stronger. I know that God is with you, and you know this as well. Finally, I pray that God will prosper you even as He has prospered, and continues to prosper, your souls. In this way, you will forever be rich in grace, mercy, and love, never lacking in anything that you need to accomplish the will of God.

Until next time, be blessed peeps.

Remembering Nychelle

Today, I would like to remember a young woman who really knew God. I think that even at her young age, she knew God better than many, and had the kind of relationship with Him that made this world seem like some kind of pale imitation. Nychelle Goad was a member of our church, and while I didn’t know her well, I often found myself observing her. I think sometimes when we recognize God in someone, we feel a connection and are drawn to them, even if we never actually speak. Nychelle and I never really carried on a conversation, but the way that she lived her life testified loudly to the fact that she knew that her life was not her own, but rather to be spent in service to others, and glorifying God.


In the immediate aftermath of her tragic accident, so many were heartbroken. So many asked why. And while for a bit, it seemed so surreal, sure enough life has gone on. Her parents Carol and Travis are warriors in the truest sense of the word. God has done great work in them, healing them from the pain of their loss. The cool thing is that as God has continued to heal them, He has used them to heal others of other various forms of loss. He has grown them. He has stretched them. He has grown their family. Their girls are awesome. Their son, Noah, is amazing! A future worship leader.  And most importantly, they all live their lives abandoned to God.  I have always really enjoyed watching them worship on Sunday mornings. It blesses me. They have prayed for my family, and our family has prayed for theirs. On FaceBook, nary a week goes by where Nychelle is not mentioned. Still. 2 years after her moving on to be with God. How amazing is that? It’s the kind of legacy that we all wish to leave when we die, not that we were known by man, but that we were known by God, and man could see it in the way we lived.


In a blog that I used to have, I wrote about Nychelle’s death, and how it affected so many.  I wrote about the shock and the tears. Today though, I just want to thank God that so much positive has come from her passing on. I would like to think that she is up there smiling, cracking jokes, and urging everyone onward towards the finish line. She lived a life of faith. She loved God. She loved others. What else can anyone want out of a life? There are some days where I see someone who looks just like her, and it makes me smile. She is still a part of us all. There is comfort in that.




We still love you and think about you. Thank you for the life that you lived, and for the light that you showed. Thank you for being unashamed of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and breathing it daily until your last breath.


And God, I thank you that we were able to witness your wonders through her. I think we are all a little bit better because of it .


Until next time, family, be blessed.