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Dead Zone? No More!!

Yesterday in church we were debuting a new song, “Break Every Chain”. The version that we did was performed by Jesus Culture, but there is also another version by Tosha Cobb that I absolutely LOVE to DEATH!!! Regardless, this song has such a powerful message to it. It seems to me that God speaks to me more and more Sundays during church worship. I can’t recall a time EVER where it feels like I hear God speaking to me directly as we worship. Please don’t think that I am bragging, or that I think that I’m special. I don’t think that at all. Usually I’m just worshiping along with the rest of the congregation when God “pulls me aside”. It just feels like it is happening more and more frequently these days. I almost put this up on Facebook, but decided to do it here, since not many people will see this post.


Anyway, here is the deal. One of the verses of the song simply says “There’s an army rising up.” It repeats several times. As we sang it, I found myself standing within the pages of the Bible at the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37. It was so crazy. I’m hearing the music around me, but I’m staring out into this valley covered with death and decay. Bones that have been baking in the sun for a long time. Then, as we continue singing, I see these bones begin to move and come together. And seemingly in the blink of an eye, there stood before me an exceedingly large army. This morning, I went back and found Ezekiel 37, and this verse stuck out to me,


“So I spoke the message as He commanded me, and breath came into their bodies. They all came to life and stood up on their feet- an exceedingly large army. “ Ezekiel 37:10


I didn’t tell anyone about this vision yesterday. I kept it to myself and kept trying to figure out what it meant. Even as the service carried on, I found myself re-running this vision over and over again in my head, asking God what it meant. I’m starting to realize it.


I feel like God was telling me that as we worshiped and praised Him, we were declaring His purpose. We were “speaking as He commanded us”. We were allowing Him to release His will. As this happened, He was raising dead things and dead people. He was raising dead dreams, dead hopes, dead missions. He was reviving dead visions, and dead callings. The things that we have all laid to rest within ourselves, as we worshiped, God was raising them. He was speaking life into those things and us. And as we stood there worshiping, God was raising an army…exceedingly large, and exceedingly powerful! Then God showed me something else. He is drawing dead things. People who are half dead, half alive, He is drawing them. They don’t know why they are coming to our churches. They don’t know what is even placing the thoughts to try church in their minds. Some have not even sniffed a church in years, but for some reason, now they are trying it out. God is drawing the dead things that we might speak life into them. Ezekiel obeyed God, then watched in amazement as God raised the bones to life, symbolizing what He was going to do with the nation of Israel.


I get the feeling that what we have seen so far in my church is not even scratching the surface of what God has planned. I get the feeling that what the Body of Christ has seen so far is not even scratching the surface of what He is wanting to show the earth. If the dead can’t come into our churches, or encounter Christians, and walk away living, breathing disciples of Christ, then what are we doing? Everyday, Christ walked among zombies and restored life to them through His words and actions. What are we doing then? If we are truly imitating Christ, there should be an aura of life around us as we walk and talk among those who don’t know Him. We shouldn’t shrink from the moment, but trust God to revive all that we come into contact with.


I believe that we are really about to see dead things raised to life. There’s an army rising up., and it will consist of every soul that we have spoken life into.


Maybe this makes sense to you, maybe it doesn’t. maybe it resonates with what God has spoken in your spirit. Maybe it doesn’t. All I know is that I’m excited. I’m expecting. I’m ready. Let’s get to work!

From Dried up to “Lifed” Up

Happy New Year folks! I hope all of you had a great holiday break. I’ve been away for a while, I know, but I’m not really one of those bloggers who will blog for the sake of blogging. I have to have some kind of thought, as well the right way to say it. So, I’ve been away. And while I’ve had thoughts, I don’t feel like I have had the proper words to express those thoughts. So I prayed that God would release me when He was ready for me to start up again. I think He has released me. Lol. So here we go.


Ezekiel 37. We know it. It’s been preached to us. It’s been preached AT us. We have sang songs about those dry bones and how they don’t walk around. We sing about how Ezekiel saw the wheel waaaaaaaaay up in the middle of the air. I’ve read this chapter many times myself. Honestly, I love the book of Ezekiel. The ways in which God speaks to him just really get to me. The physical ways that God shows him spiritual visions is just astonishing to me. Yesterday, I was on Facebook and saw where a friend of mine said “Ezekiel 37 has just changed my life!” Well, of course I liked that status.  Then I felt compelled to go back and read the chapter again. As I read it once, then twice, then a third time, God showed me something.  I think it’s pretty awesome, so I want to share it with you as well.


Like I said, we know the story. God grabs Ezekiel and takes him down into the middle of a valley with dried bones scattered all over the place. These bones were all that remained of a once fierce fighting force. God asks Ezekiel if the bones can live. Ezekiel says that only God knew. God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones and they come together. Then God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the wind, and the bodies live. Then God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the living bodies.


Now get this. God is so creative in the way that he constructs and builds, rebuilds, etc. In this chapter, I believe that God shows us how he rebuilds us when we feel that we are dead and gone spiritually.  We all have those moments. I went through it towards the end of last year. Sometimes life just gets so hard that we feel as if we are going through the motions, headed towards an early grave. When we are robbed of our hope, we become like those dried bones in that valley. There is evidence that we lived, but just barely. God does three things here though, that we would do well to remember.


First, in verses 5-6, God tells Ezekiel to speak to the dried bones that He will attach sinews and put meat on the bones, cover them with skin. The Bible says that there was a rustling and a great sound as the bones rattled and came together, then tendons and sinews formed, and finally skin covered the bodies. Notice here that God speaks to the form and structure of the bodies. Now, think about a building. Construction workers recognize the importance of a firm foundation. The form and structure of the building has to be sure and secure. Doesn’t the Bible say that unless the Lord builds a house, they labor in vain who build it? Here, we see it clearly, that God places a great importance on the form and structure, the foundation of the man. It would have done no good for God to speak life over bones that were still separated and scattered about. God established a foundation, and causes the bodies to reform.  Also notice that God has Ezekiel speak to the bones as “you”, and not a bunch of its. God sees our final product before our beginning. No matter where you are, or how entrenched in sin you may be at this very moment, God sees your finish, and HE is working to get you to that desired ending in Him.


Next, God has Ezekiel speak to the 4 winds that they may give breath to the lifeless bodies. Essentially, God causes them to live. Whereas they had once been lifeless works puppets, God causes them to become living, breathing men. And the Bible even says that once they received this breath, they stood up on their feet, a huge army.  So first, God spoke to the foundation, and now God has activated the life that He intended for them to have. Once they received God’s breath, they became an army. They were raring to go, to fight. Yet, they stood still. Why is that? They had nothing to fight for.


Verse 11 says, “….Listen to what they are saying: ‘Our bones are dried up, our hope if gone, there’s nothing left of us.’”


Though God had done an amazing work in them, bringing them back to life, they still had the mentality of dead men.  In their minds, they were nothing more than those dried bones that had once been scattered here and there. Though God had breathed new life into them, they had not yet received His vision. They had been reformed, they had been activated, but they had no vision. Without vision, they could not see themselves as God saw them. Thus, though they were a mighty army, their effectiveness was as if they were fighting with sticks and stones, rather than swords and shields. Isn’t that what happens to us? When we fail to see ourselves in the light that God sees us, we lose all of our effectiveness for the Kingdom of God. And this is NOT what God wants, but we lose sight of God when we focus on our problems and shift our sight away from His goodness. We forget about His love when we can only see our loss. We forget about His grace when we only consider our failure. In truth, we walk in a condemnation of our own doing.  Even as Satan is called the accuser of the brethren, I think that we do his job too well for him. All he has to do is sit back and just monitor our thoughts. We become filled with such utter disregard for our own lives, throwing away the sacrifice that Christ made for us, because He loves us. On Twitter yesterday, I saw a tweet that said that Christ knew that we would be difficult to love, but He sacrificed Himself for us anyway. Family, we don’t make it easy for God to love us, but He loves us easily because He IS Love!


So, God hears the moans of the fighting force. He then has Ezekiel to speak to those men with a vision of the future that God has planned for them. See, it doesn’t matter how reformed we are. It doesn’t matter how much power and activation we feel that God has placed within us. If we don’t have a vision from God that we are pressing towards, we might as well just be dried bones. It is the vision that gives us hope. It is the vision which stamps on our lives that God is forming us for a purpose.


It is God, all God, only God, but God. God is the One who rebuilds us from the ashes of our sin. God breathes new life into us, His Holy Spirit. God gives us a vision for the dreams that He has for our lives. And what God did in that vision in the valley for Ezekiel, He desperately wants to do in our lives today. Yes, that vision was for Israel, but for us as well. If we will allow Him to do His work in us, we will become a fresh fighting force, representing the Kingdom in all of its grace, love, and power. We will be able to pull down strongholds and take back land that has been conquered in lives by Satan. It’s our ordained purpose. It’s how God sees us. It’s what God created in us.


So, there it is. I hope that this blesses you, and I pray that I laid it out in a fashion that God will be pleased with. It’s exciting to me.


Until next time, be blessed!