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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are We Ever Good Enough? Its the question in the backs of our minds everyday. We compare ourselves to others, what they are doing or not doing. We even bring this over into our Christianity. We compare and justify ourselves, but according to God’s standard, we are never good enough. Scripture says we all have sinned…so we are all not good enough. We can’t qualify ourselves according to what someone else is doing.

Mark 10:17-22- Jesus and the rich young ruler. Jesus told him to give away all his possessions amd give the money to the poor. The young man went away sad.

1. Good is not good enough.

Matt 19:16-17- same story. We are constantly weighing our good and bad..trying to have more good than bad. The fact is that we are never good enough on our own. We only become good when we accept Christ’s righteousness. When speaking to the young man, Jesus lists the 6 commands that deal with how we treat each other.

Rom 3:12- there is none who does good, not one. We have to quit having the argument as to if we are good enough. We arent. Nuff said. Goodness only comes through Christ.

2. God requires total commitment.

Would you give every thing away to go to heaven? Now, have you given everything away to God? Its a mindset that nothing we have is ours; that God controls everything that comes in and goes out. God was asking this young man to give up the most precious thing to him. He was asking if the young ruler was all in, 100% committed.

Mark 10:21- Jesus asked him to give away his possessions, take up his cross and follow Him. Being a Christian entails more than a prayer. It’s being sold out and ready to leave the comfort zones in our lives. What are the things we are holding on to the most? Jesus is asking us to make space, to create room for God’s will to be done. If we want space for more of God, we have to give up space that is cluttering our lives. It’s not easy, but it must be done.

1Cor 15:58- always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor is not in vain. Not everyone is called into full time ministry, but we all are called to life long ministry.

3. Jesus Loved him. When we don’t measure up, God still freely loves us.

Mark 10:23-27- Jesus talking to the disciples about what had just happened . He told them that nothing is impossible with God. They were talking about who could be saved, and Jesus told them that they could not do it by themselves, but only through Christ.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Giving God Your Awl (all) Ex 21: 2-7 – v7 Master shall pierce his servants ear with an awl; and the servant stays forever. This is the pattern for our lives as Christians. A transition. God is calling us to love Jesus so much that we never want to leave Him. Jesus should be at the center and the top of our love. If you don’t love Christ will all of our hearts, eve rules thing else will get out of whack. We MUST fall in love with Christ! This requires a heart transformation. We naturally get our priorities 1. When we love our master, he has our ear. The awl went through the ear of the servant who didn’t want to leave. The servant freely gave his ear. For us, this shows that we value His voice above anything else. No matter what anybody else says, our Master has our ear and we follow His voice. Its not what everybody says. Its what His WORD says. If i will open up the word and read it, God will open up His word and speak to us. Deut. 6: 4-5 love God with all your heart, soul, and strength. Make no mistake about it, if we don’t serve God, we WILL serve something. We always have a master, even if it’s not THE MASTER! 2. When you give God your all, you gain your freedom. When we give all to God, He gives all to us that we need. Some of us love hearing about the things of God, but we let it go from our minds to our hands, thus bypassing our hearts. We need heart transplant. Ez. 36: 23- I will give you a new heart. I will take out your stony heart, and replace it with a tender, responsive heart. Allow yourself to fall in love with God everyday. We can learn something new about Him everyday.