It’s crazy how over the course of a week, emotions can completely change one’s perspective on life outlook. When the Bible says that the heart is deceitful, the truth inherent in that is just mind blowing. It was a crazy week. It started out with a job interview that went beautifully, but had an undertone of uncertainty. From there, I had the incredible opportunity to speak to our youth group at church. That was the highlight of the week by a long shot. God spoke to them and me. And trust me, if you’ve never worshipped with your church youth group, you should. It challenges your faith and pushes you to really go deeper. The week ended with another job interview. The night before, perhaps full of faith, I believed that there was change in the air; that something was bout to happen that was going to alter our future. I really believed that. Also, in the hour before my interview on Friday, I was able to just really spend some quality time worshipping God. His presence was there, and I knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Well, this interview was a disaster, the hardest one that I have had in my life. I knew that it was a bomb, and by the end, my spirits were so down that I felt like I limped out of the room.

The overriding question in my head was “How?” How did things go so wrong in that interview? Why would they? Those questions haunted me. Then once my emotions mixed into the soup, I was almost a goner. It felt like they were trying to erase everything good that had happened in that week. The heart is deceitful. My sadness and anger over that botched interview was just bad. Plain bad.

This is where faith comes in though, because it all centers around whether I believe that God will have me in a classroom next school year. Do I still believe that God knows what’s best? Do I still believe that God holds my world, my future, my successes, my failures, in the palm of His hands? Well, if the answer is yes, then I have to disregard every negative sensation, emotion, and anything else that my “reality” is telling me, and focus in on the truth. And in this case, the truth lies in those questions that I just asked bit ago. Yes, I believe that God wants me in the classroom next school year. Yes, I believe that God knows what’s best. Yes, I believe that God holds my world in the palm of His hand. And yes, the life changing element that I sensed in my spirit on Thursday night? I still believe that it was from God. Something good is coming. It will change our present and our future. It will benefit us and others as we are put in a position to give to others. I still believe. And even as my feelings are still hurt and raw, and portend that I’ve killed any shot that I had, my spirit knows better. Emotions are all over the place. Truths are rooted.

And for once, I am riding with what my spirit is telling me, because I know that it is connected to the Spirit of God. Greater is coming, because greatness is in my DNA.

Until next time, be blessed.