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Breaking New Ground: it’s time to leave

Genesis 12:1-3- now The Lord had said to Abram: ” get out of your country, from your family,…..and in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.”

Here God tells a that He wants us to be a great nation. This promise extends to us today. He wants us to be great. But many times we don’t get there, because we curse the things He calls blessed.

There are three things required before we can become a great nation:

1. Come out from your country-you have to take off the barriers that society has put on you and break free.

2. Come out from your family- certain family names automatically put you into a class or status. Break free from what your family is supposed to be. Realize that when we cross over into Christ, our bloodlines change. We become royalty. We are no longer limited by who our family is or is not.

3. Come out from your father’s house. -we can no longer live according to generational curses. We have the power in Christ to break every curse and chain that has been passed down. We have a new bloodline.

We can do all things because of who our Father is! There are no more barriers.

Genesis 3:14-15- so God said to the serpent, “because you have done this, you are cursed more than all cattle…..and you shall bruise his heel.”

God already had the plan worked out, even before Adam and Eve sinned.

God said that He would put hostility between woman and the snake. Women are so much more spiritually aggressive than men because of this. They stand ready to fight at a momemt’s notice.

Every plan of God begins with a promise.

Gen 1:26- let is make man in OUR image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over all the earth”

When we are born again, we are born in the image of our God.

Galatians 4;1-5- but then the right time came, God sent His Son ……and since you are his child, God has made you His heir.

This means that we can inherit all of the good things that God has promised us. We are heirs of God, created in His image. It’s time for us to stand like it, live like it. Man up and step up!!!

Philippians 3:20- for our citizenship is in Heaven, from which we also eagerly await the savior, Jesus Christ.

Spiritually, we are citizens of heaven. Though we live on earth, we belong to heaven.

We have to know who we are in Christ. Take the limits off! You are the only person stopping you from being all that God has for you.

An Awkward Duck

One thing that I tend to struggle with more than other things is the fact of leadership. Not that I don’t want to be lead, I enjoy following sound, Godly leadership. My issues stem more from the kind of leader that I am, or even accepting and embracing the fact that I do lead. I’ve always been hard on myself when it comes to what I do with groups. I’ve always felt like I don’t say the right thing, or ask the right question to stimulate group discussion or encourage the group that I’m facilitating at the moment. Furthermore, I tend to compare myself to others’ results, wondering if I were more like them, if I could see the same results.

I had a moment tonight during our life group where I was talking about comparisons. More specifically, I was referring to how we compare ourselves, and are conditioned to compare ourselves in every instance of our lives. When the group was over, those thoughts were still staying with me. I could feel myself begin to ask if I was truly a good leader, or a leader at all.

Now, I fell God telling me that I was uniquely created for the work that He has for me. Sure, I may be awkward. I may not ask the right questions. I may not keep the conversations going. I may not be dynamic. Then again, maybe I AM all of those things, but I think God is showing me through what I think are my shortcomings, that because I see my failing, I should also see His strength working through my human condition. It sounds weird, I know, but the thing is, we spend so much time focusing on what everybody else is doing. We focus on what other churches are doing, wondering why God is not doing the same thing through us and our church, or group. Family, God is too big to do everything the same way. When we allow our minds to focus on what God is doing for others, we limit His power and the way that it wants to work uniquely through our unique circumstances. God is so creative that even where we see personal failings or weaknesses, God sees opportunity to change the world. He created every awkward nuance in our lives to be a mirror and reflect His glory.

So just as God is dealing with me about being so hard on myself, I think there are areas in your own life where you are the same as me. I would like to encourage you, as God encourages me, that you are a masterpiece of God’s creative design. You are the apple of His eye, and everything that He has placed in you, whether you understand it or not, has been placed within you to show forth His glory to the world around you. I can’t be TD Jakes, or my pastor, or even my friends who show such dynamic gifts, but neither can they be me, and what God has placed in me is going to be enough to bring others to Him. So, I suppose I am a leader, learning to lead in my own awkward fashion…more ugly duckling than graceful swan, but to God be the glory!

Until next time, be blessed.

Breaking New Ground: Is Your Soul Pregnant?

Spirit- redeemed at salvation
Soul- In process of redemption
Body- redeemed in Heaven

Gal 5;16-17- walk in the spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.

Your flesh will always try to lead you against God. The Spirit does the opposite. This is a never ending conflict. We can never stop fighting.

-Just because I have wrong feeling doesn’t mean I’m bad, because the flesh will always desire the old habits and things. I have to realize this and fight against them. We often condemn ourselves because of what we think. As a Christian, our job is to take those feelings and place the under subjection to God. Take captive ever bad thought to the Spirit of God. We have the power. W have to do it.

-We try to justify our flesh. We compare how we think that we are doing in our flesh as opposed to another time. This makes us callous and ignorant to our true condition. Many times we don’t allow our everyday sin to bother us. If sin in our live doesn’t bother us, we have allowed ourselves to be ruled by our flesh.

James 1:18-21- of his own will, he brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might b. kind of first fruits of his creatures. So then, my bellowed brethren, be swift to hear…..therefore Lu aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word

-God will always impregnate me first, then give me the baby later. It doesn’t happen right away. You receive the word first, then see the fruit later. Our problem is that we want to hold the baby without going through the pain and trials of the pregnancy. We don’t wanna understand the hardships that come along with the process. We give up way to easily.

-How do we get pregnant? By the word of God sticking to our spirits. God wants to impregnate us o that he can bring forth fruit.

Heb1:3- whatever God speaks, He upholds it by His power.

Gen 1:3 God said let there be light…day 1
Gen 1:16- God made 2 great lights

Th first words that God spoke are still being upheld by His power.

-if God spoke something to my spirit, IT’S STILL ON!!!!