Today, I would like to remember a young woman who really knew God. I think that even at her young age, she knew God better than many, and had the kind of relationship with Him that made this world seem like some kind of pale imitation. Nychelle Goad was a member of our church, and while I didn’t know her well, I often found myself observing her. I think sometimes when we recognize God in someone, we feel a connection and are drawn to them, even if we never actually speak. Nychelle and I never really carried on a conversation, but the way that she lived her life testified loudly to the fact that she knew that her life was not her own, but rather to be spent in service to others, and glorifying God.


In the immediate aftermath of her tragic accident, so many were heartbroken. So many asked why. And while for a bit, it seemed so surreal, sure enough life has gone on. Her parents Carol and Travis are warriors in the truest sense of the word. God has done great work in them, healing them from the pain of their loss. The cool thing is that as God has continued to heal them, He has used them to heal others of other various forms of loss. He has grown them. He has stretched them. He has grown their family. Their girls are awesome. Their son, Noah, is amazing! A future worship leader.  And most importantly, they all live their lives abandoned to God.  I have always really enjoyed watching them worship on Sunday mornings. It blesses me. They have prayed for my family, and our family has prayed for theirs. On FaceBook, nary a week goes by where Nychelle is not mentioned. Still. 2 years after her moving on to be with God. How amazing is that? It’s the kind of legacy that we all wish to leave when we die, not that we were known by man, but that we were known by God, and man could see it in the way we lived.


In a blog that I used to have, I wrote about Nychelle’s death, and how it affected so many.  I wrote about the shock and the tears. Today though, I just want to thank God that so much positive has come from her passing on. I would like to think that she is up there smiling, cracking jokes, and urging everyone onward towards the finish line. She lived a life of faith. She loved God. She loved others. What else can anyone want out of a life? There are some days where I see someone who looks just like her, and it makes me smile. She is still a part of us all. There is comfort in that.




We still love you and think about you. Thank you for the life that you lived, and for the light that you showed. Thank you for being unashamed of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and breathing it daily until your last breath.


And God, I thank you that we were able to witness your wonders through her. I think we are all a little bit better because of it .


Until next time, family, be blessed.