I’m realizing more and more that I’m inadequate man,
And capable on my own of just inadequate plans.
I understand my limitations, just an average man,
But one called and chosen by the Father of man.
The fact remains that nothing produced by my own two hands
Can hold a candle to the deeds of Him who eternally stands.
So when I trust in my own strength and sink like built on quicksand,
I know my God hears my cry and He will come heal my land.
Man, my humanity is tricky, Peter said I’m a pilgrim
Apart from Christ, my life is rife with sin, my light is real dim,
But when I look off in the horizon and the cross beckons me,
I feel the power of Christ enhancing plain ole, average me.
So while I’m still no superman, I’m feeing just super man
For greater is He who’s within than any outside, man.
And by His blood I’m washed white, when once I wore pure red,
Now I’m reppin for my God,
The One who sits at the head.