At our church, we have been on a 21 day fast. We are in the last week presently. I can say that this has been one of the most fulfilling fasts that I have ever embarked on, partly because this time for some reason, I have been able to remain focused. I was looking forward to this fast before it even began. I believe that there is something marvelous happening in my life and in the lives of others throughout my church, and churches around the world. There are so many who are fasting right now. I think it’s completely fabulous to see so many starting the year off on a sacrificial note. Over the course of this fast, I think that God has been impressing upon me the benefits of a positive, faith filled life. Even though our struggles have really been hard, for the most part I haven’t been able to dwell on them. Instead, I’ve focused more on God’s goodness. Sure, there have been times where I’ve wanted to condemn myself for sins of the past that have been forgiven for, but God has really been faithful during this time.

Last night though, seems like all at once I felt the weight of everything that has been happening just land on my shoulders. I felt worry, anxiety, fear. I understand that this is a natural happening, and I have been praying since last night and into today, because I refuse to give in. I serve a good God, and my spirit realizes that everything happens for a divine purpose. God is building ministry into my wife and me. And while my mind continues to toss around “what if” statements, I know that God’s rest is here for me to walk in. I know that His peace is here for me to clothe myself in. That hope hakes all the difference in the world.

So why this post? I don’t know. I just think that sometimes it’s good to encourage others by what you are going through. Sometimes it is hard to keep a “God centered” view on life in the middle of the storm, but God will choose to redeem us FROM the struggle, or He will redeem us THROUGH the struggle. It’s our job to learn to praise him WHILE we struggle. If we ask, the Holy Spirit will help us remain focused. It is that focus on Him, that can translate into overcoming faith, regardless of the trial or tribulation.

So, stay hopeful. Receive His rest and His peace. That is my prayer for you today.

Be blessed!