I was thinking today about an issue that my wife and I are having at the moment. One thing that I have noticed during our church’s fast, is that I have become more positive. I’m choosing to see the vein of silver in dire situations. But the question came to mind of is being positive being in faith? or more directly, because I believe that things will work out, am I believing that God will make them so?

What I have noticed, is that being positive is not exactly having faith. Many times, I think we cancel out our faith by making statements , which mightbe faith statements by themselves, that give God a way out in case things don’t work out. Take this example:

God will work this out. He will provide the money that we need by the date.

Now, this is fine by itself, but watch this…

God will work this out. He will provide the money that we need by the date, BUT even if things don’t work out, God will provide another way to our goal.

Now, I’m not saying that is wrong or right, but I’m thinking about a few instances in the Bible. When Abraham was lead to take Isaac up to the mountain to sacrifice Him, He did so with the faith that God would not take Isaac, but even if He did, He had the power to raise him up again. So, that seems to fall in with my example. But also notice that when Caleb and Joshua came back with their report on the promised land, they said that they believed the Israelites were well able to take the land. There was no if, no and, or but about it. It was a definitive statement, based on faith in what God had already done, and what they believed Him to continue to do for them.

So, which is it? Do we believe and make our positive, faith filled confessions and add an out clause in the event that our faith falls through? Or do we just believe with no safety net and speak as Joshua and Caleb did following their spy trip into Canaan?

I don’t have a real answer for you. I’m leaning toward the faith without a safety net option, but that is the difficult one. Putting completely out of your mind what might happen if nothing happens. Trusting God’s will to be done.

What I do know is that having faith can make you a positive person, and I want to be a faith filled Christian living without a safety net. I hope I’m progressing to that point. You’ll have to search your own heart to see where  you fall on the spectrum. May we all pray that we can be as Jesus was and is…faithful, and faith filled.

Til next time, be blessed.