Learning to take Risks Taking risks is essential to growing our faith. God will often ask us to do things that rips us out of comfort. Fear is no excuse. God has called us to walk in His fear busting power. Its in the times where we do what we fear the most, that we grow the most.

In Scripture, there are 365 instances stating that we should not fear.

1. What step are you afraid to take that would result in depth or closeness to God? Whats the one thing God is asking me to give up that scares you the most?

Acts 3: 1-7- Peter and John heal the lame man. Peter seized the opportunity to show the power of God. Then in verse 12, he takes advantage of the opportunity to preach to the masses about what had just happened.

How many of us miss opportunities every day? There is always risk involved.

Acts 4: 1-3- Peter and John were arrested after Peter’s speech. Sometimes obeying God will get you rejected or misunderstood. Sometimes you set people free, and you end up in trouble.

In v 7-8, Peter preaches to the leaders and elders about Christ and his resurrection. In the end, Peter’s risk afforded him the opportunity to witness amd testify in the presence of leaders of the nation.

1. Seize opportunity.
2. Take a risk.
3. See an opportunity.

To face my fear of risk:
1. Identify my personal fear.
2. Confess my fear of risk to someone.
3. Take one risk at an opportunity that will challenge my fear-then take another one soon after.
4. Feel the pleasure of God in my risk.

The more we are obedient to do what God tells us, the clearer we will hear His voice.