Sometimes God takes you LEFT to get you RIGHT!! Acts 9: 17-20- Ananias goes to Paul and prats that he would receive his sight and be filled by the Holy Spirit. Paul then was baptized and spent days with disciples on Damascus, then preached Christ in the synagogues. Galatians 1: 15-18- Paul’s version of the same conversion. In Acts, Paul has already been converted, but in Galatians, we see where Paul spent 3 years in the desert because he wasn’t trusted by the disciples. God had called him to Jerusalem, but took him to Arabia first for real time with God. He was in the desert understanding who Chri st really was. He knew the scriptures. Now, he needed to understand the truth of the Gospel. God had to take him left to prepare him for what would happen on the right. 1. The experiences that hurt us most are the ones that God will use to help us the most! So many times we want the right thing first. Many times, God desires us to go left, away from our comfort zone. The right thing feels good, so we are remiss to leave it. But God wants to take us through the desert, to bring about a season of change and transformation. in the desert, God shifts our priorities to where they need to be. He will always take us left in order to get us right. We have to realize that the left thing is a GOOD thing. Its prepatory time. Had Paul not gone to Arabia, He would not have been ready to do God’s calling. Going to the left forces us to go deeper in God. 2. Don’t try to force people right, who just got left. (Don’t think you have to fix people). God takes people we know to the left, but we step in and mess everything up! Quit trying to fix people and let God do what He wants to do in their lives. We must let God do it on His time, so that when He brings them right, they stay there. Moses was a Prince of Egypt, who fled because of a mistake. He spent 40 years in the desert where God revealed Himself. God can grow you out of a difficult place. God meets us in the difficult place and changes us. Don’t run from your desert! The longer you go left, the greater your right will be. When you go through your right season, you will know it was God . You will resist the urge to be puffed up with pride in your own ability. We will know that its by God’s strength! 3. God wants to teach you through the valley, so that you can succeed on the mountaintop. ( Its the pain of the left that keeps me going right!) James 1: 2-3- Count it all joy when you go through tests and trials. It produces patience when your faith is tested. We must realize that God still has His hands on our lives, and is molding us through our time in the desert. Moses had 40 years in the desert before God called him out with a clear path and destiny before him. Then He spent 40 more years with the children of Israel in the desert while God prepared them for their right season. Dont discount your left. God is using it to get us right!