This morning, I am starting a new bible meditation in my YouVersion Bible app. It’s called “Seeking God“, and it’s 48 days long. I thought that it would be cool to chronicle my thoughts on the questions asked here. Maybe they will stir your hearts to thinking as well.

This morning’s meditation focuses on how we live our lives. Basically, in the light of all that Christ has done for us, are we living a life that is a testament to His sacrifice, or does our living make a mockery of it? In every aspect of our lives, are we fulfilling the command to love the Lord with every fiber of our being? Our hearts, souls, minds, and strength? So here are a few of the questions from the passage. I’ll answer mine honestly.

1. Is your love for Him cold, lukewarm, or hot? My love for God is probably at the highest level it’s been in a very long time. It’s been building intensely over the last year in particular, but since we moved to Missouri, it has reached an apex. Having to learn who He is through tribulation and hard times, that He is everything that He says that HE is and more, it’s been a journey in learning to love Him. Here lately I have been blessed to really see the beauty of His love and His holiness. This has really spurred my heart to more love. During worship services, I may not keep my eyes closed. I may look around, but it’s because I see His beauty in the workings of His spirit. Just thinking about it gives me chills. So yes, my love is hot! What about yours?

2. Are you relying on His life today? To me, this question is simply asking if my life is my own. I can answer with extreme certainty that it is not. Too much has happened over the 1-2 years for me to answer it any other way. Being forced to quit a job to move into an uncertain field, where nothing is promised will do that to you. Being forced to confront your own pride, and accept that the helplessness that you feel is merely His way of refining you will do that to you. Watching with great fear as your wife is told that she needs an emergency cesarean will do that to you. More than ever before, I know that my life is not my own. I desperately want His will to be done. It frightens me to even think about doing something without Him.

3. Where would you like your relationship with God to be one year from now? I could spout off all of the cliches and Christianese mutterings, but if I’m honest, I would like for my relationship with God to be rock solid. I would like to be able to shrug off my doubts and shun my fears because of His spirit at work in me. I would like to be living a freer life, and to put off the things that irk me in this life. I would like to be closer to God. And how does one even quantify what “close” is? I can’t quite answer that question, but I CAN say that I believe that the relationships between man and God that I see in the Bible are possible even today. I believe that God and I can talk, and that we can interact in those same ways. That is where I want to be in a year’s time.

4. What choices do I need to make to get there? This will probably sound simpler than it is, but I know that I need to just seek God as never before. There are things that God is showing me that He wants to do in our lives that require focus and quiet. So I would like to learn what it means to be quiet in His presence; quieting my mind and soul so that I can listen for His voice and leading. My mind is a loud place. I need to learn how to silence everything and just focus on my time with Him. I also need to choose to believe ALL of God, and not the parts that seem relevant at the moment. I think we all struggle with this one, but God is God. All of Him is true and to be honored and lauded. All of Him is worthy to be praised and worshiped.

So, these are my answers. Challenge? Your turn!


Until next time, be blessed!