I’ve been a little AWOL the last week or so, and I must apologize. Thing is, last week was life changing. Along with the other members of our Destiny Church Worship team, I spent 3 glorious days basking in the presence of God. It was an experience the likes of which I have NEVER been privy to before, and when it was over, I felt sad. I understand that we were in a bubble for that period of time, and the things that were spoken, prophesied, and declared were to strengthen us for when we left that bubble. Now I am truly strengthened, knowing what God told me about the future, and resting in what He reaffirmed as a calling and direction for my life. It’s exciting times, family. Which leads me to another thing, the issue of timing.


See, if I learned anything from my dad, it is that timing is everything. My dad was the kind of man who would be early for everything. Being late made him absolutely livid! I find that I am the same way. When my wife and I were dating, if I told her that I would pick her up at 6:45, I would always be pulling up at around 6:20. It wasn’t that I was hoping that she would be ready sooner. To me, it was just the principle of showing her that I value her time so much, I wanted to be early just to make sure that everything was in place. Even in marriage, nothing chaps my hide more than being late. It’s been a source of a few disagreements over the 9 years that we have been wed. So to say that my sense of timing is hardwired, well, that would be a major understatement.


And while I sometimes think that is a bad thing, I also believe that God created me like this, with some kind of innate sense of the timing of things. I also understand though, that due to my own human leanings and agendas, I take this to far, and seek to dictate to God what timing should be, and how it should work. But when God says that His timing is not my timing, I have experienced enough of this to know that it is true. I go back to Ecclesiastes 3:1 which simply says that there is an opportune time for everything in the earth. That time is God’s to decide.


I was recently having a discussion with a good friend of mine about this very thing. God has shown this person a very powerful vision for what will be in the future, and it has left this person a little dissatisfied with the present. In my opinion, this is a natural reaction. I would liken it to someone who died and went to heaven, and experienced all of the goodness of being directly in the presence of God, only to be told by Jesus that it wasn’t their time yet, and that they had to go back. I would think  that being back among the “lesser” things would create a deep sense of depression, and a realization of the true lack of the earth.  But what happens in those situations is often completely the opposite of what God intends. When God shows us a vision or a dream of what is to come, it is to strengthen us. It is to give us resolve to fight tooth and nail to obtain what God has shown us. In my opinion, there is nothing more frightening to the Devil than a Christian who knows what lies ahead, and is willing to plow over him repeatedly in order to get it. That kind of dogged determination is often missing in our lives, so God helps us refocus sometimes.


Here is the other part of it though. We have to expect Satan to try and steal that vision away from us. We have to know that he will try and disrupt the word that was placed in our hearts, that very word that causes us to burn with desire for God’s will. It’s just like the “Parable of the Sower” in Luke 8. Some seeds were planted, but were immediately taken up by birds and carried away. This signifies how Satan will try and steal God’s best for our lives by distorting our sense of timing, sending hardships to cause us to lose focus on the vision, and ultimately killing us spiritually because our faith and hope both fall by the wayside. This is something that I have to be cautious of. As I said before, God showed my wife and I something that is really exciting. It is something that was totally unexpected, and while it would be easy to dwell on that day in and out, it would diminish the present-day work that God is doing in my life to hopelessly pine away for the future.


God’s timing is perfect. I told my friend that the vision God showed Him will happen, but while we wait on the fulfillment of it, God will show us ways to become better, so that when the vision becomes a reality, we are better prepared to nourish it and care for it, and grow it out to it’s full potential. It’s hard to wait. I know for sure that it is, but when we place our faith in God’s timing, things have a definite way of working out in a way far better than we could ever have imagined.


We have to remember that God is not slack concerning His promises. If He said it, if He showed you the vision, it’s gonna happen. The true outcome rests with our faith in His perfect sense of when.


Until next time, be blessed!