“Do You Fish?” We are called to make disciples. Scripture tells us to go into all the world to make disciples. The power of the Holy Spirit is to help us witness and make disciples. Matt 14: 18-19- Jesus tells Peter amd Andrew to follow him. They were fishermen, and God told them that he would make them fishers of men. If youre really gonna follow Christ, you have to leave the boat. *If you are following, you are fishing. Jesus said if you follow me, youre fishing. *If you’re not fishing, you’re not really following. *I must be persistent in casting. Keep on casting. In fishing, sometimes you don’t catch on your first cast. Sometimes you have to find new spots and locations, try different lures and techniques. You have to keep casting. The same is said for being a fisher of men. You never give up. Keep witnessing by testifying of God’s goodness in your life. *To catch fish, you must use the right bait. Use peoples’ interests to pull them in. Connect with people. Form relationships. There is no need to carry your big bible. Your life should reflect the Bible. Be who Christ called you to be and He will help you fish. He wants to use your skills as bait to reach the fish in your pond. * My job is to fish. GOD’S job is to catch! Its also God’s job to clean the fish. We never are called to clean a fish before we catch it. Let people come as they are. Cast. The Spirit of God will change them! * If you wanna catch the big fish, you will need a guide. The Holy Spirit will guide us everyday if we allow Him control. * Dont give up because one got away!