Yesterday in our church something real happened. In both services, people saw God. And while I don’t mean it literally, I also sort of really mean it literally, because as we worshiped from the stage, I could see people interacting in a totally different way. People experienced God! We had no sermon. We had a word of prophecy given by our Pastor, but the rest of the service was just people laying themselves bare before God. He was there. If I can say at any time in my life that I’ve felt God, it was yesterday. His Spirit, His very Presence was so fully engaged in our service, we could have stayed there, in that moment, forever. It is a Sunday that we will look back on with great joy, because I believe that it signals the beginning of something completely God centered.  A new season indeed.

But, the question came to my mind yesterday while I was still in the throes of the service. I began to think about some of the other great movements in church history; Martin Luther, Asuza St, the Charismatic Movement; they similarly began the same way. There was an outcry for God. People saw God in a way that they had never seen Him before. The thing is though, that moment when God meets man and man is changed, that moment is not the end. It’s not JUST the culmination of crying out. It’s not the final answer. God doesn’t work that way. When God gives us “God moments”, and I mean really profound moments where He rips apart the veil between heaven and earth and pours out His glory, it signals the beginning. And as with any beginning, we must respond. God can place a new season, or a new opportunity before us 24/7, but unless we respond to it in faith, its for nothing. It is the ushering in of something new. It may not be new to God, but new to us. And we must treat it with the respect that it deserves. There are new prayers to pray, new ways to serve, stronger confessions to be made, deeper depths in worship to find. There is more faith to put into action. There is more required in these moments. We must respond!

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to sit back and reflect forever on the goodness of God on Sunday morning, but my mind is more focused on how we will respond. What happens next? I believe Satan knows that He is powerless in such an environment as yesterday, so he waves the white flag. However, I also think that we give him minor victories when we sit back and dwell on what happened in that moment, instead of using that moment as a launching pad as God intends. See, in my mind, yesterday was not so much a celebration as it was a commissioning for greater works. It was God hyping us up about Him. It was God showing us His beauty, His BIG-NESS, HIS greatness. But it was all for the purpose of sending us out, not keeping us in. And I fear that there were many more movements that were meant to shake the earth for God’s glory, but the people stayed in that moment instead of looking ahead to see what was next.  Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with rehashing the events. I could talk about it forever, but if talking among ourselves keeps us locked within the four walls of the church, then that was a moment from God that we wasted selfishly. That “moment” is bigger than our enjoyment of God.

There is so much power flowing in an environment like that, but there is so much more power when we take that experience and use it as an impetus to take Christ to the communities, cities, and our nation. It’s why Christ told us to go our into all of the world and tell people about the gospel. The true power of God is released in action. When did we see miracles in the bible? It was when people were out doing, not reflecting. The reflecting is to help us remember, but the doing helps us conquer and it brings the Kingdom from Heaven to Earth! Jesus said that as we went and spread the Gospel, we will be able to heal the sick, cast out demons, and you know the rest. But we can not experience any of this unless we take that moment with God and spread it out among the masses. The world needs to know! We have a role to play in the will of God!

I really believe God is dealing with me on this question: What will I do now? Now that I’ve shown you My Glory and poured out my Love on you, what will you do now? Will you keep it in your heart, hoard the moment, lock the memory away for your reflection when you need a boost? Or will you give it away as freely as I have given it away to you?

The ball is now firmly in our courts. How will we respond?

Well, I believe that we are ready. We are being equipped. The Body of Christ is armoring up, and I believe that God is unleashing us out into the world full of excitement about God, full of Love for people, and full of righteous fury over the ground that we have allowed Satan to hold for so long. It’s time to take back ground, peeps. This is the beginning! A new season.

Until next time, be blessed.