Ok, I so rarely ever do this anymore, but bear with me. Sometimes I feel God speaking directly to me, but I don’t share what He says; sometimes it’s just for fear that I’m really hearing from Him. This morning, I believe that I have, and I want to share it since I can’t seem to go back to sleep. Perhaps this is just for me, then again, maybe it’s for someone else out there as well.

So, we know what Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth” (MSG)

Seasons. There is a season for everything that happens on the earth. And just as there are natural seasons,(in America we are shifting from summer into fall, thank God!!), in the spiritual realm, there are seasons as well. This is what God showed me about 20 minutes ago as I was trying to get back to sleep after a brief sick spell:

I began to see a rundown of so many people that I had known in the past, and know presently. I saw all of the circumstances around our friendships and associations, I felt regret at the relationships that had fallen away, and I enjoyed the memories of the good old days as they surfaced in my mind. The thing is, God didn’t present these people to me on a reel, it was more along the lines of the people being unpacked and packed from storage bins- like clothing. I thought it was odd, but after a few moments, the image would fade and be packed and folded tightly away. This was my vision/dream.

Here is the meaning. Just as we change our clothing as the seasons shift, so do many things shift in our lives based on seasons. People whom we were once family with can become as a distant memory. Jobs that we feel are the right thing for us suddenly become cramped and unfulfilling. A path that we just knew was our destiny becomes more of a joke. i think what God was showing me is that it’s ok. In certain seasons, it’s okay to be friends with someone, while in another season, it’s not. God does different things in variable levels of visibility in varying seasons. Just because you saw God clearly during summer doesn’t mean that you will see Him as clearly or constantly in the fall. Do not mistake this to mean that God is still not active. Remember, in our last post I talked about God being a constant gardener. He is always busy in our lives, but at certain junctures, and certain seasons, He steps back a bit in order to stretch us for the next season to come. Every season won’t feel exciting and fresh. Some will feel downright depressing, but faith in God tells us that we have seasons of joy to sustain us through the seasons of winter in our lives. We experience the great joys and peaces in summer so that when fall comes, and things in our lives fall away during the pruning process, that our faith is still unwavering in the plan of God.

So, it’s alright when God packs up our comfort and places it in a box. It’s ok when God packs away friendships and relationships, because He is also unpacking new ones for you. It’s ok when God packs away your old hopes and dreams, because He is unpacking newer and more exciting ones than you can ever imagine. It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s because God loves you so fervently that He sends you through seasons, because if we are not growing, we are declining. Don’t fret. Let this word encourage you, whomever you are out there.

Now, I’m gonna try and go back to sleep. Until next time, be blessed….and get some sleep for me. lol.