There is a place of comfort, but we aren’t called to always be comfortable.

Every successful person decides to aggressively go after what God has for them. We aren’t called to wait on the world to come to us.

” Learning to do whatever”

1 Sam 14: 1, 6 – Jonathan raids the Philistine camp with his armor bearer.

How many of us would get out of our comfort zone if God provided the resources?

The Israelites were waiting on more supplies, but Jonathan decided that he couldn’t wait anymore.

How many of us are waiting on God to provide before we move in faith? God’s not gonna provide anything until we decide to go into battle. We have to do something, be willing to go it alone.

God resources people who step out in faith, not those who sit on the sidelines waiting. As we step out, God sends resources. God always multiplies small beginnings.

We choose everyday to do what we decide is necessary. We make choices that either advance or decrease the Kingdom of God. There is no standstill. We either increase or decrease.

Adam and eve had many good choices to make, but chose thr bad one.

Ecc. 10: 2- a wise man’s heart is at his right hand. But a fool’s heart is at his left.

God wants people who choose to go down the right path. We act like we are waiting on God to speak His will over us. But we don’t need to wait on God to reveal to us that we have to wait on working for the Kingdom. There is only one calling: to be a Christian going hard after God and His Kingdom.

God’s will is for us to give up out comfort zone ad choose to do the right thing.

We use prayer as a reason to stay comfortable. Well…keep praying about it while a generation goes to hell around us! We don’t have to pray about serving and helping others. Quit using prayer as a way to be lazy!

We pray “if God’s will be done” but we really are telling God to just do it without us. It’s possible that you are the only person to do what God needs done.

Phil 4: 8- 9…Simply means do whatever. Not merely thinking and meditating, but do some thing. Don’t just sit there dying!

Acts 16: 6-11 – Paul and Silas travelling and the Holy Spirit denying them access to certain areas.

Paul didn’t always have clarity on where he was going, but he knew that he needed to be going somewhere to do the will of God. It was his willingness to just be about action. God can use willingness and passion.

1 Sam 14: 8- they cross over so that the Philistines can see them.

9-10- if they say go up and fight, then we will go up. That will be the Lord’s sign that He will help us defeat them.