This is a poem that I wrote a few years ago. It’s still very true today.

God, I need you

In my days, in my nights, in my seconds, minutes, hours
In sunsets, in sunrises, in twinkling skies, when storms rage
In my smiles, in my tears, in my triumphs, when I fear
When I’m right, when I’m wrong, when I come up short or shoot too long
In my thoughts, good and bad, funny and serious, pointed and pointless
In times of stress, strain, times of relaxation, light joyous and peaceful
In my downfall, my highest height, my deepest depth, my self -despair
In my depravity, in my sinful nature, in my life, and certainly at my death

In my heart, for the lost soul that can’t feel you as I do
In my eyes, for every sight of a world decaying without You
In my ears, in every cry out for You from those who have refused You
In my hand, that every touch be from You through me to others
In my feet, that I can walk away from that which is not good for me
In my words, that I speak only what I hear from You.

In my community, that I may be the salt that preserves what’s left

In my love, that mine may become as perfect as Yours.
In my spirit, that I may be as one with You.
In my prayers, that I may pray Your will and not my wants.
In my relationships, that I may nourish and not break them
In my community, that I may be the salt that preserves what’s left

In darkness, that I may be the light that leads others to You
In heartache, that I may understand how You must feel when we break Yours.
In loss, that I may remember the greatest loss that You suffered for our sin.
In defeat, that I may remember how to triumph in You.
In my air, that I am always breathing Your spirit.
In me, because without You, I am nothing.